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IFS Therapy

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Here’s a brief video I created to explain key IFS concepts:

What is IFS Therapy?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and other sources of distress. The IFS model explores the different parts of our personality in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way.

How does IFS work?

The first tenet of IFS is that we all have different parts within us, and combined they form our own “internal family”. Like a family unit, these parts don’t always agree with each other. For example, maybe a part of you gets angry, or self-critical, when another part of you becomes anxious, or overeats, or procrastinates. Viewing these as different inner parts, with different needs or opinions, helps us gain clarity about our internal experience.

The second tenet of IFS is that we all have a core self (what some may call inner spirit or soul). The self can be viewed as the “internal family mediator”. If our parts are an orchestra, our self is the conductor. The self leads the parts, and all parts are welcome. There are no bad parts because all parts really have protective intentions. Perhaps a part of you becomes anxious as a “call-to-action” protector when facing distress; or possibly overeating has protective intentions in trying to temporarily numb emotional pain; or maybe procrastination protects through avoidance of facing uncomfortable emotions. These examples of seemingly “problematic” parts are actually well-meaning parts trying to protect us from feeling painful emotions (like shame, grief, or fear) the only way they know how. The goal of IFS therapy is for our self to be a resource for all of our parts to help them feel safe to unburden. This creates balance and harmony within the internal family system. For a more detailed explanation please visit ifs-institute.

What does IFS help?

  • resolve internal conflicts
  • reconcile relationship conflicts
  • address self-limiting beliefs or harmful behaviors
  • gain deep clarity and inner peace

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